PADS \\ Petascale Active Data Store


The Petascale Active Data Store (PADS) Fall Seminar Series is a forum for discussions of data intensive computing. Our first series held Fall 2008 introduced the National Science Foundation funded PADS system, its hardware and software infrastructure, and highlight some of the scientific domain partners and how they plan to use the environment.

Fall Seminar 2009

Location: University of Chicago, Searle Lab, room 240
Time: 1:30 PM

10/8 - Michael E. Papka
PADS Overview and Update

10/15 - Sam Lang
Maximizing throughput of Petascale Storage with PVFS

10/22 - Mike Wilde
Parallel Scripting for Science Applications at the Petascale
and Beyond

10/29 - Mark Hereld
Modeling Resource-Coupled Computations

11/5 - Gordon Kindlmann
Particle Systems for Robust Feature Sampling and Visualization of Three-Dimensional Imaging

11/12 - Daniel S. Katz
Using Montage, an Astronomical Mosaicking Application, to Explore Data-Oriented Distributed Computing